About Us

Cipla LTD is a certified (GMP) pharmaceutical company.
Its specialization is the manufacturing of drugs for athletes and people with muscular dystrophy.


The company’s production is located in China (Jiangsu Province). The company has been producing (for more than 5 years) anabolic steroids and drugs that that have been stimulating muscle growth.

During this time, we have developed products characterized by quality, high purification and maximum efficiency. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards allow us to produce high-quality, safe and effective anabolic steroids. The entire product line is made in accordance with an exclusive formula.

Products do not contain extraneous components. They have the correct labeling and packaging. Properties remain active throughout their expiration dates. Due to this, our drugs never lead to pain after injections, acne and liver discomfort.

During these 5 years, we have completed more than 10,000 successful transactions with customers around the world. Over 2 million products have been sold.

We are responsible for the quality of our products at all levels of its production. Each box has a unique gallogram coating. All packages are coated with a unique code. You need to enter this code via our official website to verify the authenticity of the drug.

Each client is important to us, and especially the positive results from the use of our products. This is the best indicator of our well-coordinated work. Thank you for your choice!

Best Regards
Founder Alex Under