Anavirox (Oxandrolone 10 mg) instructions

Oxandrolone is characterized with the highest level of safety among all steroids. It can be used by men and women freely to increase physical parameters and improve muscle relief.



Oxandrolone purpose and main effects

Oxandrolone has high anabolic activity, and it is better than testosterone in four times. However, a person can’t gain a large amount of mass with its help. A lot of bodybuilders thinks it is suitable only for women. But it isn’t true, because Oxandrolone is widely used in professional sports.

Oxandrolone can increase strength and endurance. Due to this, it is often used in cyclic sports, lifting and weightlifting. This drug is also popular among bodybuilders who use it during drying and working on relief. Among the positive qualities of a steroid, we noted the most the most significant ones:

  • It has strong fat burning properties;
  • It is an excellent anti-catabolic agent;
  • Muscle relief improves;
  • The secretion of endogenous growth hormone is stimulated.

Also it can be used in professional sports to build bridges on “perpetual courses”.

Oxandrolone steroid profile

  • It works for 10-12 hours.
  • The tendency to aromatization is absent.
  • Hepatotoxicity is weak.
  • Progestogenic activity is absent.
  • Anabolic activity is 400 percent of testosterone.
  • Androgenic activity isn’t more than 25% of the male hormone.
  • Metabolites will be detected on a doping test during 3 weeks.


Oxandrolone rules of use

Oxandrolone daily dose for bodybuilders is 20-80 mg. Women should not take more than 20 mg during the similar time period. The duration of the courses is 1.5-2 months. A lot of athletes refuse to do PCT after its cancellation due to high degree of application safety. However, sports pharmacology experts insist not to refuse rehabilitation therapy. It is enough to take Tamoxifen or Clomiphene Citrate for two weeks daily (20 and 50 mg, respectively).

Possible side effects

Although Oxandrolone has the highest level of safety among all AAS, athletes should know about the most common side effects. It is worth starting with the fact that Oxandrolone has no progestogen and estrogenic activity. As a result, side effects of these types don’t arise. But androgenic negative properties are possible in case of overdose.

A methyl group is present in the molecular structure of the anabolic (the steroid undergoes an alkylation procedure), so it can cause of liver functions. However, this negative effect on the body is extremely weak. The liver will suffer if you take the drug in huge doses for a very long time. Oxandrolone has the lowest hepatotoxicity score of all the tabletted steroids.

It is also necessary to say a few words about the ability to inhibit the pituitary axis and the effect on lipoprotein balance. All these negative things find extremely weak manifestation. There is no need in Gonadotropin during the courses. To restore cholesterol balance, you just need to introduce omega-3 into your diet.